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Focus practice: dovR

Looks like I need some metering practice, too. Music by my talented brother.

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Asheville Sentinel

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Waking Up Crying

For the past month, I’ve been having vivid dreams that leave me exhausted. Nightmares often.
And in a lot of them, Flip makes an appearance. Sometimes he’s playing with his brother, DovR, snuggling or wrestling. Sometimes he’s just there in the background. And in the most recent one he was in pain. He was dying, just as he did in real life when he was 14-months-old. He died of an incurable disease that affects kittens and really old cats.
We miss him so much.

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Los Angeles, CA.

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Just like a camel

Camouflage is a method of crypsis, says Wikipedia.
DovR says it’s a method of matching.

Carey took this pic. The iPhone edited it.

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Gratuitous Cat Post.

1. DovR digging into some bread.


2. CarboLoaded. (Plus an unpaid bill for The New Yorker.)

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