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My Life Right Now

Everything is OK, everyone is OK. Details later, but this is The Most Perfect metaphor for the transition from Jackson Hole to Los Angeles.

Fucked Up

  • Jess

    Oh :( So sorry to see this. I hope the transition starts getting easier for you. In the end, I'm sure your time in LA will always be memorable, at least. The journalism program looks amazing, though. When I lived in DC, I found fleeing the city as often as possible to be key!

  • elledubs

    Jess: Thanks! It's almost hilarious at this point. Psyched to grab this city by the horns and ride. Er something! I'll look forward to skiing this winter back “home,” but for now, I'm yelling at the city of highways: “Is that all you got?!!”

  • Nic

    It's about time you picked up a hybrid anyway right?

  • e

    This is what L.A. does to a car…..Jackson does this to the inside of knees!

  • DLo

    Glad you're ok Lauren. Also glad you were driving “the biggest car in LA” so whatever hit you had more time to stop…. I presume you weren't backing up REALLY, really fast.

    Hah, Nic… I just texted her the same thing.

  • rlmstevens

    ruh roh…

    oh, that car didn't have air conditioning anyways and your all up ons 100 degree temps.

    all for the better, all for the better.

    dance, drink*, flip off the world, throw a wake for the subey, dance some more.

    sending so much love your way, my lady.

    *malidews preferred.

  • David

    Looks like you might need a new snaz sticker.

  • dswift

    I'm guessing it's one of those 2.5-ton SUV-type behemoths, judging from the way it climbed over your bumper.

    I apologize for not giving you #1 LA traffic advice: if you get rear-ended, grab your neck and scream whiplash.

  • Kirk

    Well I guess that fixes your air conditioning problem. But I think your brakes lights might be an issue now.

  • backorforth

    yeah, carey told me about this – didn't expect it to look this bad. sorry lauren!

  • backorforth

    yeah, carey told me about this – didn't expect it to look this bad. sorry lauren!